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Food Processing
  • Physical and documentary inspection;
  • Sorting and size grading.
  • Stage 1 - Removal of dirt & mud;
  • Stage 2 - Washing during handling.
  • Machine or hand peeled;
  • According to client specification.
  • Manual slicing, stripping, cubing, chopping, and shredding;
  • Mashing by machine.
  • Use of vacuum packing to maintain the highest level of hygiene and freshness;
  • Also to reduce cross contamination.
  • Labelled for transporation according to the HACCP requirements;
  • Origins of all raw materials are tracked.
Delivery /
  • Temperature controlled storage;
  • Cold chain trucks with temperature logging systems are used.

The water used throughout the process is purified using a two-step system:
  • Step 1 Carbon filters are used to remove particles in the water
  • Step 2 Infra-red light is used to kill bacteria
  • The water is then chilled for product washing and storage purposes
  • The facility is sterilized 2 times a day using sodium hypochlorite
Many of the Group’s clients are in the food service industry and they rely heavily on the Group’s food processing facility to enhance their efficiency and profitability.

Heng Tai owns and operates logistics facilities with food processing production lines in Guangdong Province.

This process is popular with our clients because of the time and money they save though using our services and buying our products. We also provide unrivalled peace of mind when it comes to food safety. We operate a linear production line that reduces the chance for cross-contamination.

The Facility is HACCP and ISO9001:2008 certified.
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